Easter cake with raisins

Easter cake with raisins

Easter cake with raisins - always delicious and lush!
3.5 (votes: 2)
Cook time 100 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium


milk 250 ml
salt taste
butter 200 g
sugar 200 g
chicken egg 5 pc.
wheat flour 800 g
raisins 200 g
yeast 50 g

How to prepare easter cake with raisins:

1 Melt the butter, pour the hot milk, add sugar, salt to taste. The mixture was stirred and allowed to cool to a temperature of fresh milk. Next you need to add flour, pour a small amount of loose milk yeast, all carefully mix and leave in a warm place for fermentation (about 20 - 30 minutes)
2 When the dough rises, add 5 egg yolks and 5 whipped into foam proteins, raisins. The dough is kneaded thoroughly and put in a richly buttered and floured form, filling it halfway.
3 When the dough rises flush with the edges of the form, to start baking cakes at a temperature of 180 - 200 degrees until done.
4 Sometimes, along with raisins, add the dough grated lemon and orange peel to improve the palatability of cake.

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