Potato casserole with chicken

Potato casserole with chicken

Casserole turns juicy, tasty, interesting and apparently very satisfying. In the preparation of this dish, it is desirable to choose potatoes that fall apart easily, but it does not turn to mush.
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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level simple


potatoes 500 g
chicken fillet 500 g

How to prepare potato casserole with chicken:

1 Potato-0.5kg ● Chicken (fillet) 0.5 kg Mayonnaise-● 200g ● Olive oil 2 tbsp ● sour-200g ● Cheese 100 g ● Dill-1 beam ● Egg 1 pc. ● Flavored Potato Seasoning - 1 tbsp ● Salt - to taste ● Black pepper to taste -by
2 Make a sauce for the potatoes: a container to put the mayonnaise, sour cream, eggs, seasoning for potatoes, finely chopped dill and salt to taste.
3 All mix thoroughly, our sauce is ready.
4 Chicken fillet cut into small pieces and mix with the garlic salt, black pepper and olive oil.
5 Prepared chicken spread out evenly on a baking tray.
6 Potatoes are cleaned, cut into slices and put on a second layer of chicken.
7 Potatoes pour the sauce.
8 Sprinkle with grated cheese and place in oven.
9 Bake in oven at 180-200 ° C for 40-60 minutes.

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