How to roast potatoes?

How to roast potatoes?

To surprise households delicious fried potatoes - with a crust, not falling apart and not too fat - to read and remember these sovety.V our country potatoes, fried in a frying pan or the oven with a little oil, is considered an everyday dish, but many housewives cook it and for the holidays, ruddy aromatic garnishing potato slices different fish, meat dishes and poultry.
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Cook time 30 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level simple


potatoes 1000 g

How to prepare how to roast potatoes?:

1 Roast potatoes in a deep frying pan with a thick bottom - cast iron or steel. You can also use the fryer.
2 It is best for frying potatoes cut into strips.
3 Before frying the potatoes, clean, cut, fill it with cold water for an hour to excess starch is gone. Then drain the water, blot with a paper towel and then fry.
4 When frying, use vegetable oil, and its volume is calculated based on the number of potatoes. Fat and oil mixture are not very good for the stomach.
5 Before frying potatoes, glowing enough oil in a frying pan. Then it will not burn, smoke and foam. Never lay out the potatoes in cold oil or add it during cooking.
6 Fry the potatoes is better on a large frying pan, but in one layer than on medium-sized and completely filled.
7 Chips obtained tasty, if it is pre-boiled and then fried.
8 Roast potatoes without the lid - so it will crisp and will not break.
9 Salted potato frying must end.
10 Fried potatoes are well browned, if its pre sprinkle with a little flour.

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