Easter curd in multivarka

Easter curd in multivarka

Easter in multivarka - dish with a centuries-old cooking traditions, rethought in a new way. The old recipe for Easter in multivarka acquires a new meaning: strictly dosed warming curd mass gives effect elusive in a conventional oven.
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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium


cottage cheese 750 g

How to prepare easter curd in multivarka:

1 Cottage cheese - 750 grams (fat - 9 percent.) Eggs - 2 pcs Butter - 80 grams Sugar - 150 grams of cream - 400 milliliters (fat content - 20 percent.) Candied fruits - 1 cup Vanilla - 2 pinches
2 Curd is necessary to grind, to avoid lumps. You can do this by using a dense sieve. Add the sugar and vanilla.
3 Egg whisk mixer using to a white foam.
4 Cream mix with the softened butter. You can also beat with a mixer. Add the cream cheese and mix until smooth.
5 Then pour in the beaten eggs. Once again mix well and whisk together. I help around the conventional hand mixer. The dough is obtained without lumps, uniform.
6 Pour the dough in a bowl Multivarki. Close the lid.
7 Use the menu to install the program "Multipovar", set the temperature to 100 degrees and cooking time - 30 minutes.
8 Half an hour later a lot of cool slightly, add candied fruit. Stir. At Easter you can add chopped nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit.
9 The thick mass should be poured into the laid gauze form - pasochnitsu, a bucket or a new flower pot. The gauze should be wrapped in several layers, it should be dense.
10 Wrap the gauze, put on top of a flat plate or dosochki. It is possible to press the press. Put the passover in the refrigerator overnight.
11 The next day, remove the press and dosochki, turn plate, covered pot or it pasochnitsu. Then turn the bowl with a capacity in which insists Easter. Garnish with candied fruit and serve.
12 Easter in multivarka ready! Bon Appetit!

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