Braised liver in sour cream

Braised liver in sour cream

Pechenochka. I like it in all sorts of dishes, stew in sour cream but especially love since childhood. It turns out tender, soft, and sour cream sauce with spices gives it an unusual, spicy and delicious taste.
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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare braised liver in sour cream:

1 Liver rinse under running water, peel from the films and veins. Cut the liver into pieces, the desired size. (Since the liver we will stew, soaked in milk, we it will not).
2 1 head of onion cleaned, chopped (can be large, half-rings, if you wish). Fry the onions in 20g of butter until golden brown on medium heat (to bow became softer, add a pinch of salt).
3 In another pan with the remaining amount of butter fry the chopped liver before. Fry stirring occasionally liver to "whitening" (until ready to fry is not necessary, because in the future we will still extinguish it) .Then in a pan with the liver to shift fried golden onion. Add the sour cream (fat I 20%). To fill with water. All stir and simmer, covered for 10-20 minutes (depending on the size of the pieces). The lid must be closed, as the sticking out of the water on the liver pieces are weather-beaten air.
4 As a thickener sour cream sauce, I use flour (some of my friends use the diluted starch). The flour can be pre-fry in a dry frying pan until golden brown, it will give a more interesting taste and color of the sauce. But I am lazy, and do not always do it. Thus, adding 1 - 2 tablespoons flour spoon (the number depends on the desired consistency of the sauce, and the amount of water added you)
5 Simmer for another 2 - 3 minutes on low heat until the disappearance of lumps of flour. Add salt to taste stewed liver, stir. Remove from heat, let stand for 10 minutes under the lid closed. Braised liver Cooked turkey can be served with any side dish: rice, buckwheat, mashed potatoes, pasta.

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