A little about the porridge. chef Tips
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Number of servings 4
Difficulty level simple


butter 50 g
rice 200 g
buckwheat 200 g

How to prepare kashi:

1 Especially about rice milk porridge want to finally tell. Why she is at home in the garden such as it is impossible. Because porridge cooked it this way: In the boiling milk is added sugar and salt and pour rice. Bring to a boil (if the amount is small, then boiled for a minute on the force), and remove from heat. Add the butter and covered with a lid. Figure 20-30 minutes later he swelled enough. Finally he reached already on the steam table.
2 If you want to cook at home a normal milk porridge - just do not try to cook it just until tender. Remove from heat, before it will burn)) You also easier)) Take more milk in the proportion. Boil barley in milk after boiling for 1-2 minutes stirring occasionally. Then remove the pan and put in a warm place. You can even cover anything. After some time, croup swells and you get a delicious and thick porridge. The thick, and not a lump in which the spoon does not rotate.
3 So I sometimes buckwheat evening filled with water - it swells, and in the morning I just I bring to a boil - and porridge is ready.
4 Hercules also cook very liquid - per liter of milk - 7-8 tablespoons of cereal. Then once in a ceramic bowl and shimmer under the film or cover. I leave for the night - a beautiful morning and get a tasty porridge. Where you can warm in the microwave.
5 Munk - per liter - 4 tablespoons. Manke enough boil for a few minutes and wait for 20 minutes after take off from the stove.
6 Rice (porridge is better to take a round) in the proportion of glass grains per liter of milk.
7 And somehow in the village I ate a delicious barley. He assembled like Peter prepares it. In the evening heat their oven (not Russian, and plate). It is a few handfuls of barley washes, puts an iron utyatnitsu, there is water, salt, oil (if the post - the vegetable). Cover with a lid and puts in the oven to cool. Until morning. And in the morning gets a beautiful, yet warm porridge. For ears ottyanesh!

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