Dutch roll of puff pastry - an alternative to pizza!

Dutch roll of puff pastry - an alternative to pizza!

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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium


puff pastry 1000 g

How to prepare dutch roll of puff pastry - an alternative to pizza!:

1 puff pastry wrap ham tomato pickles cheese mustard eggs and herbs spices: black pepper, oregano, marjoram, basil.
2 Dough is rolled out and lubricates mustard.
3 Three cheese, tomato, ham and cucumbers cut into small cubes.
4 We spread the stuffing in the middle of the test strip, first the cheese, then the rest of the cheese and again.
5 Sprinkle with pepper and very little herbs.
6 We turn off roll and carefully passed on to a baking sheet.
7 Grease raw egg rolls - for the golden color, and abundantly sprinkle with herbs - for flavor. Bake until cooked
8 Possible variation: Ham can be replaced by any other meat product, find themselves at your fingertips: sausage of any kind, even sausages.
9 With a strong desire, you can even replace it with slices of roast meat, chicken, pork - what you want.
10 Tomato perfectly replaced pepper.
11 But it is possible and it's great to combine them in a Rolls. The main thing - to keep the recipe mustard and pickles - they create a piquant charm of this roll.

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