Tart with eggs and green onion

Tart with eggs and green onion

There is nothing more delicious and home than the cakes with eggs and green onions. In the season of fresh greens I offer to cook, not only tasty, but also useful cake with green onions and eggs. Yes, with hot broth or soup! Song, and more! And it is possible, and just like that, too, very well. Try it!
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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare tart with eggs and green onion:

1 Beat eggs with salt. Add the sour cream and mayonnaise. Mix.
2 Add baking soda and flour. Knead the dough.
3 For stuffing cut the boiled eggs, green onions. Season with salt and stir.
4 pour half of the dough into a greased bowl or Multivarki vypechki.Vykladyvaem form filling and top distribute the rest of the dough.
5 Prepare cake with eggs and green onion on mode "Baking" 50 minutes. For 5-7 minutes before the end of the cake can be perevernut.Gotovy cake is taken out by a steaming bowl steamed. Let cool.
6 Bake in the oven for about 30 minut.Vkusny useful pie with eggs and green onion can bring to the table.

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