Curd cheese, sour cream and yogurt

Curd cheese, sour cream and yogurt

A delicious, creamy, like very very thick cream, it is not sour, and of course completely without grains. Excellent in salads, as spreads on bread. It will be good to take with them on the nature, wrapped in pita bread.
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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium


salt 5 g
sour cream 500 g
dill taste
garlic taste
parsley taste
kefir 500 ml

How to prepare curd cheese, sour cream and yogurt:

1 Mix 500 g sour cream 20% fat, 500 grams of yogurt 2,5% fat and 1 ch. L. salt. Pour into a colander lined with x / w cloth. And in the refrigerator under pressure for 2 days.
2 After 2 days, chop fresh dill, finely chopped garlic and another good pinch of salt. Cheese and roll in this mixture, the molded cheese bar.
3 It is possible to roll the balls and pour oil with different spices as desired.

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