Delicious empanadas

Delicious empanadas

Pancakes in new ways.
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Difficulty level medium


milk 1000 ml

How to prepare delicious empanadas:

1 For the dough: 1 liter of milk-; water, 1 cup; 600gr-flour;  yaits- 5pcs;  oil rastitelnogo- 3st. spoons;  soliton 1 teaspoon, sugar 2 tsp.   Oil for frying.   For the stuffing: 05 kg of pork, 2 onions, salt, pepper, half cup of broth in which the meat is cooked. The meat cook until done. In the broth add a bay leaf and salt before the end of cooking, onion diced roasted until golden tsveta.Gotovoe chilled meat with onion chop or mince, add broth to a well-spread on a pancake.
Delicious empanadas
2 Prepare the dough: egg whisk or beat with a mixer add all the flour, milk, salt. sugar and vegetable oil, stir until smooth, then diluted with water until the batter status, so it turns the dough without lumps, do not have a long way.
Delicious empanadas
3 Getting hot. Before the start of the pan, it is desirable not to wash, anoint fat, and a good warm up. Pour a thin layer of dough, turn the pan while in the hands of the dough evenly cover the bottom. Fried quickly on both sides.
4 When I finished frying pancakes and stuffing ready farshiruem them. We turn off the triangle as shown in the photos.
5 To make it even more delicious fried in egg.   You can fry everything, and then heated, and you can toast to the table a new batch.
6 I want to show another method for forming a pancake.
7 For a beautiful crust should be dipped in egg, then in crackers and repeat. Fry in deep fat or casserole in a lot of fat

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