Cheese curlicues

Cheese curlicues

Option cheesecakes.
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cottage cheese 500 g

How to prepare cheese curlicues:

1 For the dough: 350 g of dry drozhzhey100 muki3 g g g moloka50 sahara50 quality g fat (82%) of margarine; if absolutely against margarine, butter or vegetable, take maslo70 smetany3.5 g g salt
2 For the filling: 500 g tvoroga1 yaytso100 g sugar
3 For the filling: 200 g smetany1 tablespoon sugar
4 In the warm milk Stir in dry yeast, add half a teaspoon of sugar, 2 - 3 tablespoons of flour (the general rule). All stir until smooth batter and leave for 30 minutes - 40 before the foam cap.
5 . Sift the flour. Add salt, sugar and stir all that all the dry ingredients are evenly distributed by volume.
6 Add the flour mixture softened margarine, sour cream and rub in a large litter.
7 Pour yeast mash and knead the dough medium consistency - not too tight, but not too soft. Since flour is different everywhere in the process of mixing you may need to add a little flour (if the dough has turned watery and bad keeps its shape) or milk (if there are not moistened flour or dough is too stiff).
8 Knead the dough, cover and leave to rest for 10 minutes - 15. During this time, the flour will absorb moisture, forms gluten and dough will be easier to knead.
9 Rested dough knead well until smooth smooth.
10 The finished dough, cover and leave in a warm up to a doubling in volume.
11 If you have the time, coming up the dough Punch and let go for a second time. If no, coming up the dough, you can carve.
Cheese curlicues
12 For curd cottage cheese rub with egg and sugar into a homogeneous mass. If the cheese is too wet, you may need to add a little flour and a filling of grated crackers.
13 Roll out the dough into a rectangle of thickness 0.5 - Spread cheese filling 1 cm.. Roll the dough with the filling in a loose roll. Cut the roll into pieces of desired thickness. I've got exactly 20 happened.
14 Cheese curls freely spread out on a baking sheet, the laid paper baking dish, cover and leave for 40 minutes for proofing.
15 In the process of proofing curls should increase significantly in volume. For 5 - 7 minutes before landing in the oven grease curls Loose eggs.
Cheese curlicues
16 Bake at 180 - 200 C to browning. For the filling, mix the cream with the sugar. Immediately following the baking generously lubricate curlicues sour cream filling, tightly cover and leave until cool (or at least until warm).
17 Bon Appetit!

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