Apple crisps recipe

Apple crisps recipe

The number of pluses for a product such as apples, it is almost impossible to calculate. They are both nutritious and useful for the body - they normalize metabolism, work of the gastrointestinal tract, are an excellent antioxidant, etc. Dried apples, according to experts, contribute to the normalization of the hormonal background. What for women, especially in certain periods, is very important. Sometimes when making apple chips, apples are also added with spices. This adds the benefit of the apple product. For example, cinnamon is a known antioxidant, vanilla normalizes the activity of the nervous system and has anti-stress effect. Despite the presence of sugar in the recipe for apple chips, this product is still considered one of the most low-calorie. So, it can be easily eaten, even if you are dieting.
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Cook time 120 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level simple


apple 2 pc.
sugar 80 g
mineral water 250 ml

How to prepare apple crisps recipe:

1 Wash the apples - you will dry them together with the skin. Cut out the core. Cut the fruit into thin slices. Remember that the thinner, the better. In case you think that apples are too big, cut them with lobules.
2 Dissolve sugar with water and put on fire. Allow the mixture to boil, then pour the prepared apples with the resulting infusion and leave for 15 minutes, so they are thoroughly soaked. Then lay the fruit slices on the grill to the excess liquid of the glass. At this time, turn on the oven and set it at a temperature of 110 degrees. On the baking sheet lay out the baking paper and place the apples on it. Then place the pan in the oven.
3 Dry the apples in the oven carefully and depending on how thick you made the lobules. So, for example, if they are thin, then it's enough for an hour (half an hour on each side). If the lobules are thicker, you may have to dry them for about 2 hours. A guide for turning the apples to the other side, for you should serve their color. As soon as they slightly quarrelsome - you can turn.
4 Finished chips get out of the oven, gently pull out of the baking tray and allow to cool. Everything, you can safely use them as a snack, and dessert.

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